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Welcome to XDescent


It came to my attention that this site is still listed many places, and so I thought I'd let everybody know that I don't plan on ever updating this site, having moved everything to my main site, Vejiitasei. There's oodles of good Slayers stuff there, so head on over!

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy my meager offerings here. I'll warn you now- they're very long, and the files are pretty big. Please don't flip out if they take some time to load. They also may contain parts that might be somewhat violent or angsty, and Penance, the second fic in the cycle, is a good one-third lemon. If that sort of thing upsets you, don't read it. In the meantime, let me know what you think of my stories, if the mood so takes you. I like to get feedback, and I encourage you to visit my main site, which houses a plethora of Dragonball Z fanfics. You can visit me there at if you decide you like my storytelling enough to want more.

The following are available for your persusal, and may also be found at under searches for the titles or by author, the Prime Minister.


Circumnavigation This is your basic action/adventure story with a bit of romance thrown in for good measure. This story starts off the cycle with Zelgadis' quest for humanity, his feelings for Amelia, and mayhem in general. It starts a couple of years after Try ends.
Penance This fic begins after the events of Crrcumnavigation. Xellos screws up at the end of the previous story, and this fic details how he was punished and what happened. There are big ol' chunks of lemon in this one, so consider yourself warned.
Pursuit of Merit This fic isn't finished yet, actually. It takes place simultaneously with Penance and details the adventures of Gourry, Zelgadis, and Amelia while Lina and Xellos are off doing their thing. Hopefully this sucker will be finished and posted in a month or so (as of 9.16.02). In the meantime, check out the nifty title pic.
Reckoning The sequel to Penance and Pursuit of Merit. More mistakes were made in Penance, and this one sort of wraps those up. It's basically about the strain between Lina and Xellos and Lina's love for Gourry, I guess. This one's full of plenty of angst.
Absolution This fic is loooooong, even longer than Penance. I'll be doing the neato little picture soon and editing out the stupid typos, so be sure to revisit.
Absolution Part II I think the second part is actually longer than the first... *sweatdrop* Anyway, I'll be going back through it later to fix typos. Sorry about those. Again, the picture isn't finished and I still need to revise. Who knows, the ending might end up changing once it's all said and done.
Absolution Part III

The third installment of this story. Well, I thought this was going to be the last part, but it looks like there will be five parts to this freakin' story. I AM going somewhere with all this, I promise. Oh, and I started on the title pics for the first few parts. It'll still be a while before it's finished. I'm also about two-thirds through part four, so look for that in a couple weeks. I haven't edited this yet, so I apologize for mistakes. I'll try to get them fixed soon.

Absolution Part IV Hooray! The fourth installment! AND- I actually edited BEFORE I posted! What a novel idea! At any rate, this part is a little less heavy than the previous ones, so I hope you find it enjoyable. There are some pretty danged lemony scenes in this, just as in the other ones, so if you don't like that sort of thing, just move on, please.
Absolution Part V Once again, I managed to actually read through this thing before it went up. I'm getting better, I promise. This is the next-to-last installment, and it's long. Oh, and the lemon warning stands for this part, too. Imagine that, Xellos and Lina actually having sex in this fic... But I digress.
Absolution Part VI Done! Visit my website,
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